Toma Necklace | Beads Necklace For Women & Girls | 100% Hand Made Necklace

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Bead are handmade mostly from glass items such as bottles. Glass beads derived their color from the type of glass materials used. Made in Ghana.

A bead is a small hand decorative object that is usually pierced for threading or stringing. They ranges in size and are woven together with specialised thread or soft flexible wire or to a surface like fabric or clay. Generally beads are used to decorate the body. It may be worn around the waist(by females), as earrings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets. They are produced in various colours and the color combination usually depends on the costume that is worn. Beads are worn during festivals, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, durbars, etc. Bright colours are for joyous moments whilst dark colors are for sad events. It is believed that waist beads help to shape up and broaden a woman's hips and make her buttocks heavy and also differentiate a man from a woman.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review