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The symbol, "Gye Nyame" means, "there is nothing but creation or God". African wood carving, hand made from Ghana. Gye Nyame is arguably the most popular Adinkra symbol. It expresses the deep faith the Akans have. It is a perfect gift for couples, friends and family.

Material: Teak Wood

Style: Suitable for family, bedroom, living room, balcony, office room, children's room, dining room, corridor, Christmas, New Year, party, birthday party, wedding ceremony, dinner party, high-end hotel, office, father's day, mother's day and home decoration.

Feature: This ornament is perfect for friends, relatives and colleagues, and is a great gift to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings, music festivity, Festivals etc. So gorgeous, you will want to keep it for yourself.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review